People say having a child is life changing but what does it really mean? It is so vague. Perhaps people think ok yeah your life has changed now because you have a child now that you have to take care of. In that case having a pet would be life changing too because you still have to feed and care for it.

So what does it really mean when new parents say their lives have changed, life is not the same anymore or my life has taken a 360 degree turn? People who have no kids will NOT have any idea, like me before Arya but now I know exactly what it means.

Like all new parents, my life too has changed. There were a lot of things after Arya was born that I never prepared for no matter how much I read or studied. Some things can happen and you feel so clueless and realised there’s just so much you don’t know. You think you’ve lived long enough to know a lot about life but truly, you don’t. It humbles you to the core.

So how my life has changed since Arya. Here goes…

  1. Cinema. I almost forgot what it smells like. My husband and I never missed a new good movie that comes out in the cinema. Since Arya was born (just over two months ago), we have missed plenty of new movies. I was actually quite bummed about this because we are such movie buffs. The last time I went to one was in August I think for Annabelle (that was a really scary movie). Well of course I could leave her with my mum but she is still so small and we feel that she needs our full attention and would rather not leave her.
  2. Eating out. Since I don’t really cook, we always go out for dinner or lunch during weekends. How easy it was when they were just the two of us. We could just go anywhere we want. Now, we still do go out to eat but the choices have now been narrowed down to only indoors because we are very conscious about smokes. The question ‘Where to eat?’ has become even more difficult to answer now.
  3. Eating. Yes it does not stop at ‘eating out is hard now’. It is not easy to have a meal peacefully now. I always feel more comfortable to eat out or even eat when Arya is sleeping. Even then I need to eat quickly in case she wakes up and wants milk. Have to always be on standby.
  4. Eating habit. Sorry, still at it. I always would prefer eating Indian food with my hand but the other day I had it with fork & spoon. Forgive me good Indian food! The very reason was so that I can quickly feed or carry Arya if she cries. This, I never saw coming, ever.
  5. Shopping. Whenever I’m browsing for new clothes, I always end up in the Baby category – online or Baby section at the mall.

Overall, I just have more to do in my life now. More dishes to wash (bottles), more laundry to do, more things to buy, more things to think about.

Everyone wants to do the right thing for their child and hope they are doing the right thing. It’s a learning process everyday with her and I am embracing every second of it. She is not even talking or walking yet! People told me before I gave birth to have as much sleep as I can and now that she is here, they said sorry, it doesn’t get better. :))))

Two weeks ago I watched This Is Us Season 2 episode 6. Randall was worrying so much about his baby who was about to be born.  He told a shopkeeper who has five kids of his own that he doesn’t have any of the answers he knows his child is going to need. He had a nervous breakdown. And then the man said to him:  “What they don’t tell you is that babies come with the answers. They come out, they look up at you, and you at them, and they tell you who you are…”

I almost cried.

Well that show makes me wanna cry on every episode anyway.

Oh yeah that. Heart. You become more sensitive.