It has been two months since I gave birth to Arya. Finally I have time to write about my pregnancy while I can still remember it clearly. You may think how can I forget? But believe me I forgot a lot of things lately. New Mum brain? I don’t know.

Honestly life has been very hectic since her arrival especially now that I am back at work. Where did the 12 weeks go?

How would I describe my pregnancy? Let me just say for me it was the most wonderful thing. I actually loved being pregnant. Of course I did worry a bit when I read how some people had a nightmare during pregnancy with the morning sickness, back pain and all. But fortunately it was a breeze for me. There was no morning sickness, I could eat everything – and eat everything I did. I could even fast for a month during Ramadhan. As smooth as it was, sometimes I did feel some pain that I never felt before especially towards the end of the pregnancy but nothing I couldn’t handle.

The best part about being pregnant was the pregnant women privileges. Priority seat, priority queue. People even let me cut the queue at the ATM – not that I couldn’t stand for 2 minutes but you realise how nice people can be. After 9 months of being a ‘priority’ I sure do miss it now. Nope, no more cutting queues.

A few weeks before my due date, all I wanted was the baby to come out. It really did fell like she has been inside me forever. The struggle was real. So I was literally counting the days to my due date and hoping that she will come out on time…but she didn’t. So my husband took me for a walk at the park and I really pushed myself to walk fast for maybe 20 minutes at least. The baby was already low so it did hurt a bit when I walked but it didn’t matter.

Two days later, I was in labour at 2am and she was out at 11.01am in a bright and cold labour room.

When I was pregnant, Google was my best friend. I Googled about every little thing. I was even Googling how contraction feels like when I was having contractions. Yes it is like a period pain but 100x more painful so yeah take the epidural if you can’t handle it. Because even with epidural you will still feel the pain just not as bad (I think?)

Anyway, to mum-to-be’s, I’ll share with you what I bought or did during my pregnancy. In case you’re like me, who will Google everything and found this blog.

Best Purchase: Maternity pillow

Believe me, you NEED this. I could not live without this pillow. Sleeping with your huge stomach is sometimes impossible because every position is uncomfortable and this pillow does the magic! It’s on Lazada but sometimes you can also get it at Baby Fairs.

Essential: Maternity pants/jeans

I bought mine online and also at H&M. You may need to get them a couple of times as you get bigger obviously. I bought a pair at 6 months and I think just a few weeks later I was already two sizes bigger. I wish I would have waited a while. Also the best part is you can still wear them after you gave birth!

Worst buy: Maternity button extender

I thought I could still wear my pre-pregnancy pants/jeans when I was pregnant so I bought the extender but NO. It worked maybe the first few months of your pregnancy and then they are useless at least for me. It’s because when you’re pregnant, your hips enlarges too so the button extender becomes pointless as you can’t even pull the jeans up to your waist :))


Before we knew the gender of the baby, the impatient me just had to Google the signs that your baby is a girl or a boy and everything told me it was a boy. No morning sickness, no skin problem, pointed shape belly, craves sour/savoury food. Well what a lot of bull that was. Because I ended up having a girl. So ladies, don’t believe all that you read.

One thing I will say is when you are pregnant, listen to your gynae. Even if people tell you you shouldn’t do or eat this or that but if your gynae didn’t warn you then there’s nothing to worry about. Believe me, people love telling you what to do when you’re having a baby. I was lucky that my gynae let nature take its course. If you don’t have any health problems, everything will pretty much be fine till the end of your pregnancy.

And most importantly never ever compare your journey with someone else because truly, everyone’s pregnancy is different.